About Nautic-Gifts

Our company

Nautic-Gifts is in 2016 founded by Johan and Marina Verhaegh.

We are active in the world of water sport for years as members of a Roermond (NL) Sailing Association. 
By our love for water sports, we also got interest in water sports related gifts and is in 2016 the idea launched to start Nautic-Gifts.

Our team

The Nautic-Gifts team is made up of the owners Johan and Marina Verhaegh.

Our workplace

Because Nautic-Gifts is a young company we work from our own home.

Our stock

Because Nautic-Gifts is a young company we have a very limited stock.

Our ordering procedure

Our ordering procedure means that we ordered items (provisional) first will have to order at our supplier(s).
We try to deliver as soon as possible, but it is also possible that the lead time from order to delivery is 5-10 working days.

Visit us

We have no shop but do offer the ability to make an appointment to visit us.
Please contact us via +31 475 584 997.
We speak Dutch, German and English.